6 Big Sports events coming up in Barcelona!

Are you a sports lover and also want to visit Barcelona sometime? Than the upcoming months is the perfect time for you to visit Barcelona. The weather is getting warmer and there are a couple of great, big sports events coming up. Check out the events down below!

Zurich Marathon Barcelona

Do you love running? Have you always wanted to participate in an international marathon? Or do you just want to watch and support the sporters? Zurich Marathon Barcelona is the perfect event for you. On the 13th of March 2016 the 38th edition of this marathon will be held. If you want to join the marathon, be quick because the registration will close at the 7th of March.

When: 13th of March 2016
Time: 8:30
Where: Avinguda María Cristina

Soccer games from FC Barcelona


If you are visiting Barcelona, a must see is the soccer stadium of FC Barcelona: Camp Nou. But you are lucky, because in the upcoming week FC Barcelona plays a couple of interesting games.

To begin with the biggest game: FC Barcelona – Arsenal

If you´re a soccer lover, this is the perfect game for you. All the soccer heroes on one field. It will truly be an experience: the atmosphere, the people and of course the game itself.

When: 16th of March 2016
Time: 20:45
Where: Camp Nou, Barcelona

If you want to come earlier to Barcelona, you should definitely go to: FC Barcelona – Seville FC

You have to be quick with buying tickets, because this date is coming up really soon. An advantage of this game is that it´s cheaper than the game against Arsenal.

When: 28th of February 2016
Time: 20:30
Where: Camp Nou, Barcelona

If you are more on a budget, the game: FC Barcelona – Getafe CF is perfect for you. This game is way cheaper than the other two, so you are able to do many more things in Barcelona.

When: 13th of March, 2016
Time: 16:00
Where: Camp Nou, Barcelona

And last but not least, El Clásico: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid CF! Every soccer lover has to experience this game once in their life. Do you already see yourself walking to Camp Nou from you hostel, ready to enjoy the game?!

When: 3th of april 2016
Time: to be announced, check the website
Where: Camp Nou, Barcelona

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Formula 1 Gran Prix of Spain – F1

formule 1

There is something for everybody in Barcelona in reference to sport events. This big Formula 1 event will attract a lot of people. You are advised to bring sunglasses, sun cream, a hat, comfortable shoes and ear plugs.

When: 13th – 15th of May 2016
Time: 13 and 14 open from 8:00, 15 open from 6:30
Where: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

World Cup 2016 MotoGP Catalunya


The world cup 2016 of motor sports will be held in Barcelona. Enjoy this special event and drink afterwards a glass of wine in one of the great bars in Barcelona.

When: 3th – 5th of June 2016
Time: 10:00
Where: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

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