Mercat Central de Valencia

Located in the historic city centre, this incredible, amazing structure was built starting from 1914  by Francesc Guárdia i Vial e Alexandre Soler.
With a modern style, it accomodates about 400 sellers and it’s the first market ever to have made home delivery available in 1996.Mercat Central in Valencia Considered a real Valencia’s symbol, it’s something you have to see if you’re planning to visit this Spanish city.
Here you’ll be able to taste some delicious appetizers displayed at many sale points and
you can find any kind of food, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, sweets, ham, dried fruit, bread, wine or beer, snacks, and much more; mostly, there is a great variety of olives and spices.
As the food’s high quality is always guaranteed, 1500 clients come here everyday to fill their pantry or to be part of this little world, walking through those tight streets.

But what do people think about it? Lets find out!
On differetent review web sites, such as “Tripadvisor”, you can read a lot of opinions about this singular place. Someone says it’s a real artwork, a monument. Other people affirm that “The stalls are amazing in their variety, color and quality of products”.
It’s considered something you have to visit at least once in a lifetime, a “Jewel in Valencia”.

Large variety of Spanish ham
Market's interior

Some curious facts: 

On the occasion of its opening, a large meal for more than 2,000 poor people was distributed by the young people of the Valencian social elite;
 In 1839, in this same location, the precedent of the Central Market, the New Market, was inaugurated;
The Valencian neighborhood didn’t like this new building because it was considered too small and because it didn’t have the roof. So, for this reason, the City of Valencia decided to carry out a contest for a new construction.

If you’re a beer lover, here you can taste many varieties! Spanish, German, Dutch or Italian ones. There is a very nice shop where you can find an interesting exhibition for all tastes.
Choose your favourite drink!

Beer Shop
In this picture you can see something incredible like these two dried fishes showed just hanging over this small stall. Besides, here you’ll be able to taste some delicious dried codfish chips!

Dried Fish

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