Tomato battle experience

Tomatina is one of the most famous Spanish parties all over the world.
Every year, since 1945 on the last Wednesday of August, tones of tomatoes are thrown along the streets of Buñol, a town near Valencia.

This huge “Food fight” usually lasts 1 hour, after which the town square is covered with tomato debris.
It is estimated that in 2015 almost 145000 kg of tomatoes were thrown.

Tomatina party

Rules of the festival: 

– Do not throw bottles or hard objects
– Do not tear or throw tee-shirts
– Squash tomatoes before throwing them to avoid hurting others
– Keep a safe distance from trucks
– Stop throwing tomatoes after the second starter pistol shot
– Follow the directions of security staff

This party’s origins:

All started the last Wednesday of August in 1945 when some young people were in the town square to attend the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade. The young boys decided to have a place among the retinue of a parade with musician, Giants and Big-Heads figures. The energy of these young people made that one participant fell off. The participant flew into a fit of rage, started to hit everything in his path. There was a market stall of vegetables that fell victim of the furious crowd: people started to pelt each other with tomatoes. The following year, the young people brought the tomatoes from home. They had made history without being conscious about it. La Tomatina was banned in the early 50s, then the festivity was again allowed with more participants and more frenetic feelings.

Happiness and fun
Team Tomatina
Funny red party!

If you plan to visit Valencia during these last days of August, you can’t miss this historical and crazy red party! What are you waiting for?

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– Transportation from València to Buñol and back (6am-2pm)
– Sangría Party before the battle.
– Expert guides.
– Entry Tickets.
– After party pub crawl.


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The reservation is not effective until it has been confirmed by the sales department.

Tomatina event



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