15 things that all urban backpacker should not be forgotten in their packing list

So you want to travel around the world? Great! let´s pack some essentials! Warm hat. For windy/colder days. Sun-glasses. Wherever you go the sun shall be there too, so you´ll need something to protect your eyes. Capacious backpack. You´ll carry it everywhere, so keep it light-weight: Basic toileter (soap, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.) First-aid kit (small)….

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Lonja de la Seda

Built between 1482 and 1548, “Lonja de la Seda” (silk market) is one of the most important and characteristic monument of Valencia and represents the golden age of this city. 

Mercat Central de Valencia

Located in the historic city centre, this incredible, amazing structure was built starting from 1914  by Francesc Guárdia i Vial e Alexandre Soler. With a modern style, it accomodates about 400 sellers and it’s the first market ever to have made home delivery available in 1996.

Tomato battle experience

Tomatina is one of the most famous Spanish parties all over the world. Every year, since 1945 on the last Wednesday of August, tones of tomatoes are thrown along the streets of Buñol, a town near Valencia.

Churros: Horchataria Santa Catalina Valencia

Spain has a very rich and appreciated culinary culture. Besides the famous Paella valenciana, here you can taste something special and distinctive, such as “los churros”. What are they? Let’s to discover their secret!

City of Arts and Sciences

As you know, the city of Valencia has various facets, and today we’re going to show you something incredible and interesting! In 1998 the great project, designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, was finally inaugurated and became one of the most popular world’s symbol.

Jardin Botanico de Torres de Quart

If you plan to visit this mediterranean Spanish city, you can’t miss this beautiful green and peaceful place in its historic center, just near the ancient Turia river.


Attention! Race lovers: this weekend from Friday to Sunday (11th-13th November) is all about The Valencian Community motorcycle Grand Prix.