Mercado de Tapinería in Valencia: a place with different events every week!

Mercado de Tapinería is a creative space of 360° in the historical centre of Valencia where different kinds of events are held every week! Every week or two the areas totally change up, for events referring to fashion, food, art and much more. It´s a place where you can buy and sell all different kinds of things. In the upcoming months are already a couple of really exciting events planned. Check them out down below.

Variety Fair


The Variety Fair is a low budget market where you can buy fashionable things like: bags, accessories, vintage and more like this. All the products are unique and very original. You can a come and take a look or you can participate and sell!

When: 3th until 13th of March, times to be announced.


At this event you find the most unique and original products and vintage clothes which you can buy for a good price. To maintain the originality, the products and clothes have to be judged before they can participate in this event. You can participate in this event, whether you´re a professional or just an individual!

When: 17th until 20 of March, 14th until 17th of April, Thursday and Friday 11:00 – 14:00

Susi Sweetdress

Susi Sweetdress is a new concept where very unique and feminine vintage dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts and accessories are sold. Every piece is unique, so come early to have the best choice. Before you know it everything is sold!

When: 6th until 8th of May, times to be announced.

Urban trend

tapinería 3

The Urban Trend Summer Edition is all about summer, sun and the beach. During 4 days you will see all of the trends for summer, upcoming brands and urban activities. You will get inspired and ready for summer! There will be more than 15 designer brands, fashion, shoes, sunglasses, concerts, surfing boards and schools, bikini´s, accessories, bikes, expositions, hairdressers, creative experiments and more.

When: 19th until 22th of May, times to be announced.

Summer shot

tapinería 2

Summer shot is an event full of fashion. Two weekends long you will find here the best fashionbrands, fashionshows, photoshoots, presentations and the upcoming trends for spring and summer 2016.

When: 2nd until 12th of June. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 21:00


For more information, more events and the specific times that are coming, check the site!

Got excited about this market and the rest of the beautiful Valencia? Don’t hesitate and visit this amazing city, you won´t regret it. If you stay in one of our cheap and clean accommodations, you will be able to visit everything in Valencia very easily since our hostels are located in the heart of Valencia. Go to for more information.

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