Get fit in Barcelona and Valencia!

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful Spanish wheater, it’s nature and getting fit at the same time? Join the Outdoor Urban Bootcamp events in both Valencia and Barcelona, get fit in Spain!

Bootcamp is a combination of running and doing exercises with your own bodyweight. It is really intense, so you will see results fast. You’ll improve your fitness skills, get stronger and lose weight!


The Turía park in Valencia is the perfect place for a work out. That’s why there are several boot camp events in this park.

One of the boot camp events is called: ´Urban Bootcamp – Intensive Full-body Workout’. This work out is given by two female instructors in the Turía park in front of the Palau de la Música. Every Tuesday (20:00 – 21:00) and Saturday (11:00-12:00) you can get fit with these girls. On their Facebook page you’ll find the events, where to sign up and more information.

Another bootcamp instructor in called: ‘Bootcamp Valencia’. These work outs are given on the other side of the Turía parc: Parque Jardines del Turía. Check their Facebook page frequently to find out when the events are coming up. You’ll also find more information about the work outs on the Facebook page.



In Barcelona you can get fit with the Urban Bootcamps of ‘BootChamps’, which are held in the Ciutadella Park. They give almost every day, several times a day bootcamp lessons! You can choose different kinds of bootcamp, such as Urban Bootcamp or Bootcamp especially for women. Check out their Facebook page to join the events and check their website for the schedule and more information!

Do you want to get fit in the most beautiful cities of Spain? Check out our hostels in Valencia en Barcelona, which offer you everything you need! And of course they are really cheap and very clean. Go to for more information, see you soon!

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