Flamenco dancing in Valencia: experience the Spanish culture

Flamenco dancing is something typically for Spain and an important part of its culture. Are you ready for the beautiful dresses, amazing music and of course the dancing?

To be honest, flamenco dancing is not from Valencia. It’s originally from the south of Spain, but it’s typical Spanish and an important part of the Spanish culture. That’s why you see it everywhere in, also in Valencia. It’s a unique thing to experience and definitely a recommendation when you’re in Spain and want to experience something of the Spanish culture.Flamenco dancers

Down below you find some great places like bars where Flamenco performances are held every week. Check them out!

Café del Duende
This small café is situated next to the Turia. You’re able to enjoy the Flamenco show and music here four days a week: on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (23:00) and on Sundays (20:00).
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Radio City
Radio City is a very popular club in Valencia to go out and to have a drink. Next to that, every Tuesday it’s Flamenco Night! Enjoy the Flamenco shows at 22:30 with great flamenco artists.
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La Bulería
This place is a restaurant. While you’re having your dinner, you can enjoy the amazing Flamenco show. The flamenco shows in this place are one of the best in Valencia. You can go here every night, but it is smart to make a reservation first since it is a popular place.
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El Toro y La Luna
This place is also a restaurant where you get treat on the best Flamenco dances and music while you’re having dinner. It takes place every Wednesday and with this place it’s also smart to make a reservation first.
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