Fiesta de San Juan: the beach, bonfires, food and drinks says it all!

As you might know, Spain is a very Catolic country. That’s why they celebrate a lot of holidays with reference to the bible. It’s now time for ‘Fiesta de San Juan’ or in English ‘Saint John’.

Next to the fact that this is a holiday from the bible, it is also the way to welcome summer! This holiday is celebrated all over the world, but probably not in the way like they celebrate it in Spain. There are some traditions during this holiday, especially in the Catalonian and Valecian area. At the night of the 23rd of June the whole city goes to the beach with their friends and family. Here they start bonfires to sit around and to eat special foods like Coca de San Juan. And last but not least, you are able to enjoy beautiful fireworks all night!

Fun fact: this fiesta is held on the 24th of June, because it is exactly 6 months before Christmas. Nice to remember :-).

So take all your friends and family to the Spanish beaches, bring some wood to burn and your favorite food and you are ready to celebrate Fiesta de San Juan!

When                   : Night of the 23rd of June and the day of the 24th of June 2016
Where                 : The beaches of Spain, for example Malvarossa Playa in Valencia and            Playa de Barceloneta in Barcelona

After the beach at night, it is time to hit the cities of Barcelona and Valencia during the day! All of our hostels are situated in the city centres, so you won’t miss anything of these beautiful cities. Go to for more information!

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