The party month of Valencia is here: July Fair Valencia 2016

If you want to visit Valencia sometime, then July is the perfect moment. During this whole month they are celebrating the ‘July Fair’ or in Spanish ‘Julio Feria’!

What to do?
A Spanish party which is taking a whole month! What else do you want? You will find concerts everywhere, especially in the parc ‘Jardines de Viveros’.

There will be the tradition Flower Battle in the Paseo de la Alameda. Next to that there will be a lot of fireworks everynight and you are able to visit a bullfight! Bullfights are only held with special occasion, so for example with Fallas and the July Fair.

Last but not least you cannot miss out ‘La Gran Nit de Julíol’ or in English ‘The Big Night of July’. This magical night is hold at the end of July. There will be everything you can ask for: music, theatre, dance, color, fireworks and more!

july faire

Go to this website to see who, where and when the artists are performing. Keep an eye on this page, because there may be added more performances.

If you only need an accommodation to celebrate the July Fair, then don’t look any further. Stay with us in one of our hostels which are situated in the heart of Valencia. Go to for more information. We hope to see you soon!

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