The 9 best Music Festivals this summer in Valencia!

After our list of the best festivals in Barcelona is here our list of the best festivals this summer in Valencia! A lot of festivals with a lot of different styles, so there would be something for everybody.

Visit all of the museums at night for free!

Museums have a very different atmosphere at night. Once a year you have the chance to experience this at the Night of the Museums in Barcelona. Visit all of the museums in Barcelona at night for free!

5 Must see Markets in Barcelona

In Barcelona you’ll find all kinds of markets through the whole city. Don’t know which one to visit? We summed up the greatest which you definitely want to visit! Check out the 5 must see markets down below!

Spring in Barcelona and Valencia!

Spring has officially started and that means that the weather is starting to heat up. Especially in Spain where the temperature in spring can rise up until 30 degrees (or even more)! Are you joining us?