Easter in Spain: Different than any other country!

Spain is a very catholic country. That’s why Easter (Pascua) is celebrated a bit different than you’re probably used to. It’s called ‘Semana de Santo’.  This week Spain is all about the story of Pascua. Check out down below what to do and where to go in Valencia and Barcelona during Pascua/Semana de Santa.

During this week (Semana de Santa) everyday is dedicated to the story of Jesus’ passion and resurrection. It is impressive to see. You’ll see lots of people dressed in outfits that would remind you of the Ku Kux Klan (although this has nothing to do with it at all), it is a Spanish tradition.


The most important and impressive days are:

  • Viernes Santo – Good Friday, 25th of March: Parade where Jesus is walking to his last place with the cross.
  • Domingo Resurrección – Resurrection Sunday, 27th of March: Jesus is resurrecting from the death.
  • Lunes de Pascua – Easter Monday, 28th of March: This is the last day, which is also called Día de la Mona de Pascua. Mona is a cake that everybody eats, so it’s cake day.

pascua mona

What to do in Valencia:

In Valencia are a lot of different activities during the week of Santo. Trough the whole city you will find parades, ceremonies and more.

In a lot of churches in the whole city, you’re able to enjoy the story of Pascua. The most activities will take place in the area of the beach and the port. Find the full program here. Take good walking shoes with you if you want to experience everything!

What to do in Barcelona:

Good Friday – Viernes Santo, 25th of March: at 8.30 at the Carrer Del Moli there will be a parade where Jesus of Nasaret will walk to his last place with the cross for his passion. People are carrying a massive statue of jesus during the whole parade.
At 21.00 the atonement of Christ will take place at the Carrer Del Moli.

Easter Saterday – Sabado Santo, 26th of March: at 20.00 Jesus will be placed in the Holy Tomb at Placa de la Bobila.

Resurrection Sunday – Domingo de Resurrección, 27th of March: at 18.00 the resurrection of Jesus will take place which starts at Placa de la Bobila.

Also on Sunday there are several markets in Barcelona: on la Rambla, in front of the Barcelona La Seu Cathedral, in front of the famous Sagrada Familia and on Plaça Bonet i Muixi.

For the full programe, click here!


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