International Festival del Viento ‘Ciudad de Valencia’: enjoy the beach, sun and wind!

The 19th edition of the International Festival del Viento (of the wind) is already here. This festival is all about flying kites. You´ll see the most beautiful and outstanding kites and the cutest from the children. You can even join yourself!

Another nice thing is that the festival takes place on the beach of Valencia, the Malvarossa beach! So while you’re watching the kites, you’re able to enjoy the beautiful sea, beach and sun and have a drink at the surrounding restaurants.


There are activities planned all day long, so you definitely won’t be bored! Check the site of the Festival del Viento for more information and participation. If you are still looking for an accommodation, because you want to experience this festival then you don´t need to search any further. Feetup Hostels has beautiful clean and cheap rooms for you. And it is easy from here to access the beach and the rest of the beautiful Valencia. Go to for more information.

When   : Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of April 2016
Time   : From 10:30 until 18:30
Where  : Malvarro Beach Valencia. Along the Paseo Maritimo street, between Pintor Ferrandis and the extension of Avenida del Mediterráneo


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