Feria de Andaluza en Valencia: Southern Spain in Valencia!

Every year there’s a festival in Valencia which is all about the southern part of Spain: Andalucía. You’re able to enjoy the best typical food and drinks from Andalucia!

During ten days you’ll feel like you’re in the south of Spain! You’ll see and experience all of the typical things of Andalucía in Valencia: Flamenco dancing and fashionshows, horse riding, markets, food and drinks, music and much more!

feria anaducia

If you have a flamenco dress, you should definitely put it on because you won’t be the only one! Especially on Saturday and Sunday a lot of women are showing their Southern Spanish side and are wearing their flamenco dresses.

For more information about the festival and a timetable of all the events during the festival, check this website!


Do you want to experience the feeling of two parts of Spain in one? Come to Valencia and stay with us in our hostels in the centre of Valencia! Check www.feetuphostels.com for more information.

When                   : 22nd of April – 1st of May 2016
Where                 : Turia Park, Alameda, Valencia

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