Dia de Sant Jordi: Valentine’s Day in Barcelona in a different way

Are you in Barcelona on the 23th of April? Then I suggest you to buy a rose or book since it is ‘Dia de Sant Jordi’!

Dia de Sant Jordi (Sant Jordi Day) is celebrated as the Spanish version of Valentine’s Day. It’s the most romantic day of the year in Barcelona and the rest of Catalunya. The tradition during this festival is for women to buy a book for their man and for men to buy a rose for their woman.

This day is a unique experience in Barcelona, since it is a tradition which lasts for ages. Especially if you’re with your loved one, or even with your friends or family!

Ready to buy a book or a rose? The only thing left to do is book with us! Enjoy this tradition of Barcelona and stay in one of our clean and centric hostels! Check www.feetuphostels.com for more information.

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