Popular Triatlon Pinedo in Valencia: are you joining or supporting?

The popular Triatlon Pinedo in Valencia is here! Are you coming to support the athletes or do you dare to join?

The 14th edition of the popular Traitlon Pinedo is here! This event is very popular in Valencia, thousands of people come to support the athletes. It starts with a 750 m swim on the Pinedo Beach. Next is a 19 km cycling race in the direction of the city Valencia. Last but not least the athletes have to run a 5 km run.


This is a unique moment in Valencia for both the sporters and the athlethes. Are you going to be part of it? Go to this website for more information.

When                   : 15th until 25th of May 2016
Where                 : Playa de Pinedo, Valencia


Enjoy this sports event and the rest of beautiful Valencia. Don’t forget to visit our hostels in Valencia, which are modern decorated and very affordable! Go to www.feetuphostels.com for more information. See you soon!

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