Hotel Terrace week Barcelona 2016: enjoy all of the free activities and visits

Have you always been curious about the various hotels and their terraces in Barcelona, but didn’t you have the time to visit them all? In this case this event is perfect for you.

In the Hotel Terrace week (or in Spanish A Vista d’Hotel) you’re able to take a look in a huge amount of hotels in Barcelona for free. You’re not only able to look around, but there are organized a lot of activities on the hotel terraces like: concerts, live music, shows, talks, sport classes, relaxation, cooking workshops, tasting tapas, performances, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

hotel terrace

An example of a hotel that is joining you find here. Take a look at their list of activities to get an impression of this unique event.

When                   : 3th until 12th of June 2016
Where                 : Barcelona

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