Festa Major de Gràcia 2016: the most famous street festival of Barcelona!

In august it is time for Festa Major de Gràcia, the most popular and colorful street/ neighborhood festival of Barcelona.

It takes place in the Gràcia neighborhood and is originally organized by their residents for their residents, but they are willing to let visitors in and to let them experience their festival. But only if they treat the popular festival with respect.

You won’t be the only visitor that isn’t a resident from this neighborhood, because every year there are over a half million people from all over the world that visit the festival!

There are some traditions that you’ll see every year at this festival. One thing is the decorated streets with very colorful hand-made, luminous decoration. It’s amazing to see, especially at night when it’s dark. Another tradition is ‘castellers’, which are human tower buildings. One day of the week is all about these human tower buildings. It’s very spectacle to watch.

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Next to that, this week is filled with music, food, family and friends and that all on the streets of Gràcia! If you want more information about this festival all the activities, you can click here!

When                   : 15th of August until the 21st of August 2016
Where                 : Gràcia, Barcelona

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